Today is a good day.
May I homo you a little bit?. I homo her. Three weeks.  #CSD #CSDMunichParade
Tres semanas.


"Here. Here is simple and happy. That’s what I meant to give you."

Beginners (2010), dir. Mike Mills

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I used to love hotels. But now I’m always in a new apartment or… in another hotel somewhere.
How do you keep hold of friends… or boyfriends?
It makes it very easy to end up alone - to leave people.
You can stay in the same place and still find ways to leave people.
You are like that? It’s what you do? So we are the same?
Yeah, I guess so.

"I can understand 150 words but i can’t speak."
Beginners (2010).

Odio este día part II 😩😔

Odio tanto este día.







This is the truest thing in my life right now.

this is literally me

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I was so fucking scared of this movie and read the book so much

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